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Local Sealcoating Company in Ramsey, MN

Midwest Sealcoating applies sealcoating to your driveway or parking lot using the best materials available in the industry. Our sealcoating company provides excellent services at affordable rates for residential and commercial clients in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities. 

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About Our Business

Midwest Sealcoating is a woman-owned business. Our team of sealcoating specialists is hands-on and detail oriented. We’re also committed to 100% client satisfaction.

How We Started

Midwest Sealcoating was founded by Jennifer Cline. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She started a business called Eco Lighting Specialists to help the environment which did solar and led upgrades, as well as security systems and signage. Then COVID-19 came along and changed everything.

 Jennifer started looking for ways to serve her community. She learned that services of sealcoating companies were in high demand because people were spending more time at home.

She partnered with friends and family, and established Midwest Sealcoating. We believe that your driveway is the true entrance to your home. With sealcoating, you can transform even the worst driveways into something you can be proud of. The best thing is, it's less expensive than a full replacement! 

 We are dedicated to our communities by volunteering to clean up trash, adopting a highway, supporting the wolf sanctuary with food drives, and supporting Sharing and Caring Hands. We look forward to assisting other organizations in the future!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve our community. We strive to provide the best in customer service and to deliver superior driveway solutions!

Midwest Sealcoating Only Uses The Best Products

Sealcoating provides a protective layer to prevent elements, such as water, oils, and ultraviolet rays, from damaging asphalt pavement. When applied following manufacturers’ specifications, sealcoating provides a slip-resistant surface with a deep black finish that beautifies the parking lot or driveway.

Enjoy Discounts on Our Sealcoating Services

We’re a sealcoating contractor that offers discounts to clients who make early bookings. Call Midwest Sealcoating to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate!

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